Artist Statement: 
"MASK: 'A Prelude to Angry Business Man' " is the first part of a bigger project called "Angry Business Man".  The purpose of this project is to use symbolism and performance art to depict how a man trapped in the "black and white" world of business is forced to hide his true self to those around him in an effort to stay hidden from the hardships life has to offer. 
In a collaborative effort Photographer Christian "Play" Dillard and Fine Artist Rain "RaintheNEO" Spann utilize everyday scenery and amazing visual direction to bring the concept "MASK: A Prelude to 'Angry Business Man' " to life. Below are 14 of the many photos that exhibit how not only is Play a gifted photographer, but, a gifted creative director as well. 

-Creative Direction & Styling by Play and Rain Spann
-Photography by Play 
-Mask and Conceptualization by Rain Spann

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