Fury, 48in x 48in x 1 7/8in, 2021
"Chasing Pink Skies", 2018, 36in x 36in x 1in                              
"Gaia's Twilight", 2021, 24in x 30in x 1 7/8in
"Prototype I", 2021, 25in x 30in x 1 7/8in
"The Court Jester's Closet", 2019, 36in x 48in x 1 3/8in
"They Can't Cage Us All", 2020, 22in x 30in
"Toy Soldier", 2020, 22in x 30in
"Smile For Me", approx. 20in x 22in, 2019
"Bouquet", 2020, 22in x 30in
"Time Between Bridges", 22in x 30in, 2020
"Red Butterfly", 22in x 30in, 2020
"March to Abstraction", 2018
"Blue Inferno", 22in x 30in, 2019
"Man on Fire", 22in x 30in, 2019
"Carnivore", approx. 18in x 20in, 2019
"Bright Night", 24in x 36in x 1in, 2018
"C.P.U.", 24in x 24in x 1 3/8in, 2019
"Voices Hiding Beside Me", 11in x 14in, 2018
"Greens and Hues", 11in x 14in, 2018
"Distracted Youth", 11in x 14in, 2018
"Blue Emperor", 11in x 14in, 2021
"War Grows From the Crown", 11in x 14in, 2018
"Missing Piece", 11in x 14in, 2018
"Overseer", 11in x 14in, 2020
"Missing Piece II", 8.5in x 11in, 2019
"Palette Conversations I", 11in x 14in, 2018
"Eyes and People", 11in x 14in, 2018
"Red Eye Impressionist", 11in x 14in, 2020
"Dance Under the Blood Moon", 11in x 14in, 2019
"Ballerina", 11in x 14in, 11in x 14in
"Untitled", 11in x 14in, 2019
"Eden", 11in x 14in, 2019
"The Great Conquerer", 11in x 14in, 2019
"Run From Frustration III", 11in x 14in, 2018
"Palette Conversations III", 11in x 14in, 2018
"Father Figure", 11in x 14in, 2019
"I'll Hold You Always", 11in x 14in, 2018
"I've Seen the Future", approx. 13in x 13in, 2020
"Obelisks", 11in x 14in, 2019
"Chronos and the Twelve Chariots", 11in x 14in, 2018
"Ouranos' Temple", 11in x 14in, 2018
"Kneel and Tear", 8.5in x 11in, 2018
"Atlas", 8.5in x 11in, 2018
"This Must Be How Spring Feels", 8.5in x 11in, 2019
"More Windows to My Soul Than One", 8.5in x 11in, 2018
"Woman in Purple", 9in x 12in, 2019
"Bold Blood", 8.5in x 11in, 2019
"Canine", 8.5in x 11in, 2020
"Man of GIA", 8.5in x 11in, 2019
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