Rain Spann is an exhibiting fine artist based in Virginia. Spann has devoted extensive time and dedication to his study, utilizing his resources, observation, and environment to further understanding of his surroundings and their foundation. With influences of his digital background and the natural order of nature, Spann created a blueprint to his own vision language, "Geometric Organicism”. Geometric organicism embodies the fantasy of surrealism, forms of futurism and dynamism, and the intensity of neo-expressionism. With this language, the Artist practices self-expression and self-exploration through figurative expression. He strives for balance in his work, often layering shapes and colors to create vibrant and hidden figures. Recently, he has journeyed into collage to further deepen the layers of his work. A signature element of Spann’s pieces are the petal-shaped floral projections found by the figures of the skull, indicating a passage of time and hopefulness for the future. Spann is also a graphic designer and director.

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